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Destiny 2

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7/29/2019 3:32:24 AM

Extreme Comp Issues

Hello, I’m not sure where I’m meant to send this information but here is a start, During comp I am repeatedly being kicked, but not out of the game, just as a spectator, or to black screens! My internet is fine, I don’t experience any lag, but I just end up watching my team for the rest of the match - they are at a disadvantage and probably hate me for it! This sucks because I continually lose comp points and as a solo player who has never been able to reach Fabled, it is very I love PVP, it’s a place where I can do everything, I’ve never finished a raid in D2 and only once in D1 and I started playing in September 2014 because I play alone! I know I can’t get the 100s of points and hours back I’ve lost because of this issue, but is there at least a fix incoming? Or something I can do? I play PS4 BTW

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