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About the new upcoming Cross Save

Okay, so real question thats going to for the ever loving god bug me. They keep saying there is no merge of accounts, well what about the those who switched to PC long ago, towards the beginning of Forsaken, but has played and completed plenty of tasks, gotten gear (some of which isnt attainable anymore), but has since played ALOT on PC? Now i loose my old stuff and Legacy status or all the progress ive made on PC, including some cash (eververse gear and emotes). Kinda really annoying if you ask me, makes Cross Save seem like a waste of time. I dont play on my xbox anymore nor do i play on it, my old group tore itself appart because one dude was a jerk and we all split and i grouped up with the friends on PC ($100 later), but now ill -blam!-ing loose all that progress made on either because you have to choose? Like why, i bought the game TWICE and your telling be its not possible to at least link the collections, you dont need to transfer over all vaults just switch the collections to say you have found this item? All i wanted was some of my cool ornements, eververse gear, and my legacy to carry to PC? Can someone or as many players help bring this up to bungie, I know for a fact that im not the only one who has a consern that those who switched to pc are getting the short stick for wanting to stay on PC.

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