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Destiny 2

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7/27/2019 9:30:32 PM

New autorifle/ trace rifle concept

Name - The Sycophant Energy - void Rpm - 600 - 1000 Lore - "Fixation can be a dangerous drug... Constant desire to achieve or covet a possession can posion even the greatest of wits, and neglect of such possessions can lead to psychosis in the worst situations. Losing contact with external reality is a deep hole you wont escape... This set basis for our new weapon. Coiling towards the enemy, our new trace rifle turns fixation into a mechanism. Death into a weapon. Wielded by the bearer of hell." Perk - compulsion - Multiple hits on an enemy increases its RPM, creates a trace rifle laser that arcs toward enemies and creates a poison aura around them that damages surrounding enemies.

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