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Изменено (DrRoboto): 7/26/2019 8:24:23 AM

Efrideet's Gift triumph is broken

Greetings, I've noticed a bug with the triumph "Efrideet's Gift" that requires you to get 50 iron banner packages in a single season. The first iron banner this season I turned in at least 34 packages, possibly 40. This week's iron banner I've turned in well over 1100 tokens now for another 60 packages and still no triumph. The counter is also bugged and stays at 16/50. Some people on reddit said after turning in 50, going to orbit would trigger the triumph. But several others are having the same problem and they aren't able to get the triumph either. Even though they have definitely completed it already. I've tried this several times myself to no avail. Also tried restarting the game completely. Please help bungie.

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