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7/27/2019 4:02:36 PM

Heart of Praxic Fire

Being a D1 Veteran I miss the old exotics mainly due to the aesthetics and the perks. I propose Heart of Praxic Fire should return, but not necessarily for Self-Res since I doubt Bungie would bring it back (Who knows maybe D3 might see its return). The perk could be to decrease the cooldown of abilities when super is charged (similar to Hallowfire Heart but may be reduced by 10% - 20% of its effects) when you activate your super (most likely Well of Radiance) Cooldown of abilities for you and all allies in the Within close proximity of the guardian or Well are supercharged (this effect is 10% - 20% stronger then Hallowfire Heart). This should hopefully give Well Warlocks a secondary option for Well of Radiance other than Lunafactions (Phoenix Protocol is a lot more situational than before). Please provide advice or any changes to the ideas, since I might be asking for too much or too little, who knows.

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