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7/27/2019 3:23:39 AM

Shotgun barrel length proven to increase range?

As crazy as I thought it sounded, it happens to be true. A great member amongst the [b]Destiny 2[/b] community by the name of [u]Fallout Plays[/u] recently made a video about the subject here —> Essentially, Fallout uses a cosmetic (which could now be viewed as a questionable term) on the Chaperone exotic shotgun which has a barrel length edge on the default look by about a couple of inches. He then tests its range on his friends and sure enough- there is a small but sure increase to range. It’s pretty interesting to see how guns are programmed to fire rounds out of a specific point rather than their firing points being equidistant to each other. So what do you all think? Should this be viewed as a problem? Do you think it should be adjusted in any way? Before you all comment, please watch Fallout’s video to better see the scale of difference.

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