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Destiny 2

Общее обсуждение Destiny 2.
7/26/2019 11:14:20 AM

Bungie, please take a look at this.

I'm playing competitive. My entire team leaves before the end of the first minute. I'm left with a 3v1. (Their fourth guy left a little later). Obviously i get my ass handed to me. Afterwards i still lose glory? That hardly seems fair... I wouldn't say AFKing and leaving is a huge issue in other modes simply because i don't encounter it that much and because losing doesn't really matter that much either besides the reward but you can just redo the activity and keep going. However, if you want a decent competitive scene please take care of this. I'm thouroughly enjoying the PVP scene even with all it's flaws but this is unforgivable honestly. At least allow me to remake. Cheers, Nick

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