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Does anything happen to toxic players when you report them on PC?

Ok so this week has been especially sucky. I been playing iron banner and yeah I was sniping and last word. I refuse to use lord of wolves. Anyhow people using lord of wolves now and then would beat me then send me hate for using last word " telling me I'm trash whatever lots of worse things. I did my best to keep it clean on my end. Only seemed to tick him off. Today I was playing menagerie and these two guys were telling me what loadouts to use.... and im only here to have fun. I told them to leave me alone. Seriously these two were relentless.(2 Solid guys names here)his final message before blocking me" ask your mommy why she didnt swallow ect..". for real what's with destiny 2 players. I miss destiny 1. Everyone's so shallow.

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