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Destiny 2

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7/24/2019 3:37:58 AM

Is there something wrong with the bounties lately?

Past few days when I complete one it doesn't pop up telling me it's done. It takes maybe 10-30 seconds to pop up. I rely on the notification in things like gambit that are hectic as it is so that I can mentally switch to doing something else. Like, if I need to bank 50 motes, as soon as i hit that 50 i want to switch to now defeating 15 enemies with fusion rifles. I don't want to assume whatever I think hit the mark actually hit it 'cause sometimes it doesn't, so i need that confirmation notification asap. If i've been living under a rock, calm down, don't get all "bungie board" on me. I don't visit this forum every 5 seconds, chill. Just asking. I woulda done a search on this board for a similar topic but you know, they refuse to put a search field on this board because bungie.

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