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An attempt to give feedback for Iron Banner

TLDR at the end of the post. I'm gonna go straight ahead and say it. I'm very sorry Bungie, but Iron Banner is the biggest failure existing in this game so far. I've been grinding for the Iron Banner Armor for 5 or 6 hours nonstop, grinded some for my boyfriend last IB and have time and time again given this gamemode more chances than it deserves. But right now I feel like a husk, to be a little dramatic. It is just too much at this point, the gamemode isn't fun, not in the first match, not in the last match, not even when going on a big killstreak or making a cool play. It's only an amalgamation of agony and fury building up inside for every second I have to look at the killfeed. Right now, I can't even be angry when playing, I just don't feel anything. I am questioning why I am doing this quest, it would be so much better for me to just leave it be and throw it aside, never ever touching IB again. On the other hand, I want to feel rewarded, getting another armorpiece by putting alot of time into the game, but when I finally get it, the satisfaction equals zero. So, what are the problems? In my opinion, the biggest issue are roaming supers. Roaming supers are extremely good as of now and are used by a heavy majority, as I have observed from all those hours. And that is understandable, who wouldn't enjoy to run around, killing one after another and making a good play? The problem with roaming supers is that they have gotten out of hand. Extended Super durations, crazy mobility and a killing potential nearly unmatched. The prime examples for this are the current Dawnblade and Striker. Dawnblades have a very long Super duration and have the highest mobility in the entire game right now. With that come tracking projectiles and extended Super duration on kills with specific skill-trees. Strikers a very good mobility with a zig-zagging Shoulder Charge technique to avoid damage and the best means in the game to extend your Super to ridicilous uptimes. I'm not even going to talk much about Super Mods, because at this point it should be painfully obvious how much of a negative impact they have on PvP as a whole. Hunters still have their Spectral Blades in a very strong state and the means to almost completely avoid damage if the stars align by using the permanent invisibility. Yes, these are very fun to use. They can have a high impact and rack up kills like no other. BUT. This has gotten out of hand. Why have Dawnblades the capabilities to reach the other side of the map without any efforts and spawnkill me 2 times in a row? Why can a Striker activate his super on me on one side of the map, and I am still getting killed by the very same titan on the other side, 5 seconds after moving from my spawnpoint? The duration of roaming supers is too much. For this, I propose to properly tone down either duration or mobility for Dawnblades, and for Strikers the extension of their Super duration. These changes would primarily target both Subclasses' bottom-trees as their top-tree counterparts do not have the same means of extending their duration the same way. Over all, I do not believe that extending your Super by kills should be a thing for any subclass. If you want to extend your super, do that through an exotic, best example here being the Raiden Flux for Arcstriders. Without it, the duration is completely fine, it is enough to make impact if used correct, and by using your exotic slot you can grant your super more value for a reasonable tradeoff. Do not buff other supers that don't need it. Bring down those who clearly are far too high above the clouds. They are supposed to be game changers, but it is not by any means ok for them to reach across the map and killing players in their spawns, or simply extending themselves for so long that they can reach whatever point of the map by simple killing. A Super should be a resource that require at least a little thought behind it when pushing the button. In terms of Iron Banner as a whole, there is still more that I want to mention, but only writing about this gamemode exhausts me almost as much as playing it. I will hopefully edit this post the coming days in order to take up the rest of the issues that I see within the Iron Banner as of now. TLDR: Remove Super duration-extending capabilities from skilltrees and move them to exotic armor for a fairer tradeoff. Bring down Super mobility from primarily bottom-tree Dawnblade and Striker to match it with the rest of the existing roaming supers. Do NOT buff other Supers.

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