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7/23/2019 3:13:41 PM

Nerf of the current titan meta

Specifically Bottom tree striker and OEM which are currently dominating crucible. [b]Bottom tree striker - super[/b] - Shouldn't last so long, the fact that it regens so much duration with each kill makes it possible for it to kill you 3 times in single cast. Plus it's ability to spam left click at low cost makes it stupidly hard to hit which in combo with the damage resist makes it basically unkillable. Outrunning the super is also not an option since you literally can't outrun it even with 10 mobility hunter with stompees. My suggestion: Make it so they can't spam left click. Either increase it's cost or put a cooldown on it. [i]A.K.A. give it the Spectral blades treatment[/i] [b]OEM[/b] - Honestly why does this even give overshield? Titans have a helmet that is supposed to heal, why does no one use it? Well OEM does it's job but much better and is much easier to trigger. My proposal: Make OEM trigger tracking more consistently, cancel it's overshield and give it to the Mask of the Quiet one instead. Have it start health regen. Plus make Mask of the Quiet one easier to trigger, maybe a kill after getting hit below half health.

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