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Last Fools [PC ONLY] [NA/EU/GER] | Season of Opulence | Crown Of Sorrow | The Menagerie | Helpers| Casual/Hardcore Clan | Active Clan

[b]Welcome to Last Fools Gaming Community![/b] Here at Last Fools we are still building our NA/EU/GER Clans atleast untill our 1st one is full untill then we exist at a thight small clan of only 57 members, a spot where everyone is welcome, a place to find mature, helpful gamers much like ourselves. We are trying to expand our clan to 3 seperate one's which contain EU/NA/GER Only members and continuously growing community and are always looking to expand. We give warm welcomes to Casual/Hardcore players and to ensure there is always help available, no matter what game we may be playing. possibly destiny 2 ;) [i][b]Our goal?[/b][/i] creating a Awesome community for all our members. we are built upon Respecting each other, Maturity, Good players and Just plain out being helpful. Currently we are a growing small community with members all over the world. We know Destiny 2 is a changing game we understand some players need help from time to time or are just looking for a more experienced players to play with. [i][b]What are we doing?[/b][/i] At this point we are trying to build 3 seperate clans, one contains only EU members, Other one only NA members, my friend wanted a german friend said, Dude i'm german. I want my own german clan.. So why not right.. [i][b]We are searching for![/b][/i] One German moderator, one german recruiter. Two American moderators, one american recruiter. Two EU moderators. 1 | Upvote this post [url=]Click Top arrow[/url] 2 | Join Our Discord (A Must): 3 | If you are not in our discord your approval will be declined [i][b]PC LEVEL 6 CLAN[/b][/i] [url=]Last Fools[/url]

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