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7/22/2019 2:35:22 PM

[PS4] Any dads looking to 'Banner Up' with Unknown Redux???

If you're a dad and are looking for an active clan and an active Discord, check out Unknown Redux. We're the number #1 clan in Destiny Clan Warfare Iron Banner, and there's always someone playing! Most of our 180+ guys (a two-clan alliance) are in eastern and central US and Canada, but we also have a few players in the UK and Australia. If you're ready to gear up for PvP, Raids, Gambit, Menagerie, Quests, and Nightfalls, reply here or DM me. We are looking players who play Destiny 2 a few times each week, will be active in our Discord community, and are at least 720 PL. We're looking to fill the last 3 spots on our roster with guardians who wanna grind 50-100+ games during the next Iron Banner event (and almost exclusively Banner) -- and play with clan mates who want to do the same! To be clear, we're looking for... Dads (our roots are from Dads of Destiny) On PS4 only Weekly play with clan Weekly Discord chat 720+ power level (since power matters in Iron Banner now) 50+ Banner matches Grind to max power level & own latest DLC *** If you're not a Dad, we have other clans in our alliance. We share a common Discord. DM me here for details. ***

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