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An Exotic sword for tanking (like how Lumina is a support gun), Valiant

Here's a concept for an Exotic Aggressive Frame sword, usable by all classes (despite how much I like that the other two are Titan only) that attempts to follow the RPG direction Bungie took with Lumina, with tanking in mind this time around. Why a sword? What else, honestly. The main perk of this sword is a "Power Slam" that weakens enemies similarly to Hammer Strike/Melting Point (an of course "[b]The Young Wolf's Howl[/b]"). This slam in an addition attack, performed by holding the trigger or mouse button down which would normally perform the normal slam, powering it up with Solar Energy. This would have a neato fire effect on the blade in-game. Being a sword for tanking primarily, its custom blade and guard perks give it more ammo and slightly higher def. & eff. [i]In case people don't know, swords can block quite a lot of damage and grant immunity to most knockback effects (while blocking) from enemy stomp abilities[/i] (the exception I found is the mini bosses on the reckoning bridge bit). With this in mind, it can be used to bait a boss to stomp rather than attack allies and can also weaken them for allies, contributing both directly and indirectly to DPS. Its secondary Exotic perk increases mobility and adds passive ammo generation (disabled in Crucible obviously). In addition to this, light attacks against weakened enemies refund ammo and slightly extend the debuffs duration. With that out of the way, heres a specific perk list and some lore I wrote for it. Ornaments could easily be different looks, scuffed and covered in blood & dirt or even the sword in its more primitive states. [spoiler][b]Aggressive Sword Frame, Solar Flavoured[/b] [b]Intrinsic Exotic Perk:[/b] [i]Warriors Sword; [/i] Aggressive, heavy swings. RT launches a Slam attack. Hold RT to launch a Power Slam attack, which burns & weakens enemies. [i](10 second debuff, strength of hammer strike, consumes 10 ammo.)[/i] Power Slam attacks only have this effect when they consume at least 5 ammo. [b]Blade: [/b][i]Forged Blade; [/i] Greatly increased sword ammo, increased damage (80 ammo, 90 impact) [b]Guard:[/b] [i]Unwavering Guard; [/i] Superior defence and effiency (+5 more than heavy guard, 78 in total) [b]Secondary Exotic Perk:[/b] [i]Valiant; [/i] Grants increased mobility while held, and slowly regenerates ammo (1 every 5 seconds). Quick attacks against enemies weakened with a slam increase the defuffs duration (0.25 seconds per hit, so 0.5 per light combo) and refund ammo. [i]Ammo regen disabled in Crucible.[/i] [i]Counterattack: [/i] Blocking damage increases sword damage for 5 seconds. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [b]MASTERWORK PERK:[/b] [i]Refined Technique; [/i] Grants 20 additional ammo capacity and 5 more swing speed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/spoiler] [b]Lore:[/b] [spoiler] There she was, at the end of her life - her second life. Lying face down amid the bodies of Cabal Legionaries and Guardians alike, covered in blood while those capable fled. Her plate was pieced in fifty-eight places, her helmet dented by a Cabal slug, her visor long since shattered; but in her strong... once strong hand... the blade remained. The sword was almost as long as she was tall, and its edge almost as sharp as her tongue. She cracked a smile. The following, brief laugh, was painful. Shaxx would kill her for dying and leaving it here. To think, a brittle, timeworn piece of scrap could be made into this. The rumble of Cabal drop-ships could be heard overhead. Since her first rez she'd been carrying this piece of metal around. Swinging it. Cleaning it. Sharpening it. Adding to it, continuously. Over that time she forged something beautiful with her own light. Something just as Valiant as she was. Guns were great, sure, but footwork and technique were just as great in the right hands; her hands. A shadow grew over her as she lay amongst the dead. The legionary let out a sadistic grunt as it knelt down to pick up her blade. Her grip tightened and she rose with it. With or without Light, she would save at least one more life. [/spoiler]

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