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Weasel Error code

I’m constantly receiving weasel error codes. I have tested my network speed and I’m getting 180mbps, I even got an netgear nighthawk extender that has two 2gbs Ethernet ports and plugged my Xbox in. I’m still having the issue. I thought it was my WiFi but it’s not because it still happens wired in. This should really be Bungie’s main focus. Who will care about shadow keep if we KEEP getting kicked off every 5-10 minutes. It’s crazy that you guys have so much support from your consumers yet you can’t fix your game for those who care. Your team should roll back you maintenance patch you did a week or two ago and fix it and then redeploy it. As a person who works a 9-5 and can only play on the weekend for the most part I’m disgusted at the lack of effort to resolve an issue that has been happening for two weeks to your entire community.
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