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7/18/2019 4:52:20 PM

Bungie, Please Implement Shattered Throne Checkpoint Reset

One of the most common-sense implementations possible, but for some reason, here I am again with the tri-weekly reminder to allow for checkpoint-resetting in the Shattered Throne. I'm still going for the Solo Flawless triumph and have been taken out by Vorgeth last week and this week (had a hilarious jumping failure the first week I tried). Please implement a freaking checkpoint-reset already so I can get back to grinding out this triumph rather than having to solo the rest of it just to start from the beginning (or find a fireteam to help me finish more quickly so I can start again). It's ridiculous. I want to press "F" to pay my respects and get back at it. This is particularly frustrating since this opportunity only comes once every three weeks. Thanks again and probably see you next month on the same topic.

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