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Quality of Life Changes That Need to Happen in Shadowkeep

This game needs these changes, if you are going to invest a lot of time into a game, it needs to feel like you are not limited by arbitrary boundaries. 1. Increase Postmaster to More Pages I think even World of Warcraft had a post master with unlimited pages back 10 years ago. 2. Increase the Glimmer cap. There is no arbitrary reason on why there is cap for Glimmer. Why not let our guardians get rich and have a reason to keep grinding activities so we can as Calus puts it enjoy the spoils. I remember when I was playing other games, I had 1 million gold. Why I can't I if I wanted to get as much Gold (Glimmer) as I want. What is stopping this from happening? 3. Blues and Greens should Auto-dismantle if you choose that option. 4. Add a way for people to send loot directly to the Vault if they are in Farming Mode. 5. Please change the loading screen in Destiny 2 from bright white, as that long white screen is blinding to such a degree that it is causing my eye strain. Destiny 1 had a beautiful loading screen. Luke we understand that Destiny 2 is about the light and it is story of Traveler and guardians and the light. But please don't burn it into my skull. It is ok to make the loading screen blue or even dark gray, or maybe even black. 6. Add more randomization with enemy spawns. Add named enemies and new enemy types. Add new Taken enemies that we have never seen before. This one might be harder. But we have had the same basic enemy types since D1. There should be more types of enemies for us to fight. 7. Make Patrols more interesting. Add seasonal events, and invasions, and things like that which makes goin on Patrol more fun. 8. All old content like raids and such, should be playable and drop relevant loot for current guardians. This will increase replay-ability tenfold. People would go out of their way to do old raids and raid lairs just to earn cool loot. Not just the last 2 raids. All raids should always be relevant. And loot should be made in such a way that makes your old loot I think this can be achieved very easily by adding perk trees to old weapons and armor. For example my Titan has a lot of Destiny 2 year 1 gear, but it is not relevant to current game, and taking it into Competitive Crucible or raids, will limit me. But I love how it looks. Let me use that gear if I want to and still be able to compete with other guardians. So TLDR. Can you guys make it so that we don't have to worry about losing a drop because we got too many blue or greens. And also Increase the Glimmer Cap. P.s. When you are playing a game, you don't want to be limited in such a way that makes the game feel like a game. You want to feel like you are part of that world. If I could for example grinding for gllimmer and that is all I wanted to do. Let me do it. If I want to farm a armor or weapon, let me without having to worry about losing them. If I want to go grow rich, then let me do that. I know that there are some console limitation and that it may not be possible or an easy change. But these kinds of changes will only make your game better. People, want to have more freedom. When you were making Destiny 1 for PS3 and old gen consoles, there were limits and some of that design mentality has gone into Destiny 2. That may or may not be a good thing. But PS4, Xbox and PC should definitely allow you to store more things on the character or the server.

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