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Изменено (BennyCocoPop): 7/16/2019 10:15:51 PM

Fixing Destiny's Power Fantasy with Power Levels!

Destiny 2 since vanilla has had a difficult time keeping the 'power fantasy' at a good place, and over time there has been several attempts at fixing the power fantasy, the most notable times being the 'Go Fast' update and the jump to Forsaken with the crazy new supers and significantly faster ability regen. However something I've noticed not many people talking about too much recently is how the players power level is useless after being 50 levels above the enemy your facing What Bungie has done to fix power levels is make it so that the lower you are against the enemy, the weaker you are, however I think what Bungie should do instead is increase the difference between you facing a level 700 enemy while at 750 and facing a level 400 enemy at 750 Example: I'm around 710 power and doing a Black armory Forge that's 650 power (an activity that was only 2 DLCs ago) the normal red bar enemies there are as weak as the enemies in the EDZ the first location in the game! I think that if the "50 Power Above Enemy Cap" was lifted at least to a good extent that it would make the player feel far more powerful and that all there progress was not in vain I'd like to see the cap was lifted significantly however scaled down the bigger the power difference to make sure that being only slightly above something doesn't means nothing and being hundreds above something means that the player one shot body it with a 900rpm SMG (Warning: Theoretical Numbers and Math Incoming, prepare your brain) Example: Every power level beneath us increases our damage by 2% up to 30 beneath us (we do 60% more damage to things at 720 light while we are at 750), then every power level more than 30 beneath us increases our damage by 1.5% up to 50 (we do 90% more damage to things 50 beneath us) then 1% up to 100 and 0.75% up to 150, and 0.5% to 250 and 0.25% to 500 and 0.1% to 700 (Obviously these wouldn't be the actual numbers but it's just an exmaple, in case you were curious I believe these numbers would mean we are doing a little over 300% damage to the normal enemies on nessus compared to things on our level, which honestly sounds like a good amount) If your confused about anything I said or want to expand upon it feel free to comment on this post Lets get this to Bungie guys!

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