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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
7/14/2019 10:03:47 AM

are you homeless? join us at Celestial Council of 3

The Celestial Council of 3 is made of 9 members then its followers or members. There is 3 Warlocks, 3 Titans, and 3 Hunter. Each is a master of the element they choose. Arc, Void, Solar. There is a Leader, Supervisor, and a Voice then Followers. The Leader is part of Celestial Council which votes on rules and regulations while a Supervisor is the manager for the Leader that conveys the Voices concerns of the people of the Last City and its followers. The Celestial Council of 9 was made for the well being of man kind and to protect its people while preparing for the future in every way possibly. While their ultimate goal is to learn more of the Traveler and to find the origins of it. REQUIREMENTS (no age limit but we prefer 18 or older play Destiny 2 and sometimes Destiny 1 Have a mic not a phone with xbox app Have all DLC. KNOW ENGLISH FLUENTLY BE ACTIVE IF NOT ON FOR 1 MONTH BE KICKED)

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