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7/14/2019 9:47:47 AM

"Destiny 2 Servers are Not Avalible" on PC

Hi, So reading about cross saves, I've thought about moving to PC from PS4 for Shadowkeep. Tonight I try to log into Destiny 2 on PC just to look at my settings and the like, and I'm getting "Destiny 2 Servers are Not Available. For more information visit" I found several forum posts from 2017 about this and that one should disable the ethernet so it forces the EULA to load via WiFi. I've tried that and after re-enabling to just plug it into the eithernet and disable the WiFi. None of that worked. Several resets at all levels (Game,, PC,) were tried. Thanks Running: MSI GS63 Stealth Intel i7 8th gen NVIDIA GTX 1060 16GB RAM
#Help #pcsupport

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