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Anyone else notice a surplus of Runes and nothing to do with them?

Now that the Menagerie chest has been patched, I'm collecting an absurd amount of Runes, considering every strike is dropping two of them, and many other activities drop them as well. Some sort of exchange system like the Drifter has with synths would be good to implement now that we can't just offload them into the final Menagerie Chest. I'm glad they fixed the Blind Well bug caused by patching the chest, but this whole Rune system doesn't seem like it was very well thought out. Edit: I'm also glad some of you have collected "way more" runes than I have, this isn't a contest. And yes, as pointed out by some the only brightside to this is that the runes don't take up any actual space in inventory. The only reason I bring it up is because watching them pile up so quickly with no way to use them fast enough is not fun. Before the chest patch, I was struggling to keep enough in my chalice inventory, and had to do tasks to earn Runes and Imperials, which to me made doing strikes and other events more rewarding, since "a rune I really needed finally dropped!" Now I have so many dropping that I'm thinking "really, more runes...??” I really do hope there's a reason to be stockpiling for some sort of upgrades in the future as some are saying, but I'll believe it when I see it.

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