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Изменено (Talia Sendua): 7/14/2019 8:11:51 AM

Common opinion about blade barrage in pvp

Blade barrage is in a good spot


Blade barrage feels unbalanced and needs adjustments


Blade barrage not in a good spot and needs a buff for pvp


[b]Edit: Before people to start slapping their faces. NO, this is not because of Mayhem. This post is meant overall. I don't care about Mayhem, I don't play that shit[/b] Since I, as a real hunter hater in crucible, "can't accept their balance" I want to know from you forum guys, what you think on blade barrage [b]in pvp exclusively![/b] Vote the options and tell me your opinion in the comments. My personal opinion is that blade barrage has one of those things to much: - Low cast time - Tracking knifes (yes they do, tested it several times) - Damage resistance (litterly a tank during the cast time)

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