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Destiny 2

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7/14/2019 7:12:27 AM

Just got Outbreak Perfected Finally thanks to a kind soul from this forum!

Ive been playing since D1 Vanilla and used to raid in D1 but ive been pretty casual in D2. Ive never done any raids or anything. Lately though ive been enjoying the game so much i decided id start doing weapon quest. First it wasThunderlord, then loaded question and Wendigo and then last night i finished Last Word quest and tonight i had an old D1 friend help me finish the Izanami forge so i could get the next to last key for Inazaghis Burden. So i was feeling ballsy and decided id try to find some people to atleast attempt Zero Hour with. Met a guy here on the Bungie forums and even though he didnt need to at all he taught me all about it and we ran through a few times failing as i learned more and then he invited a friend and i had it down and finally finished what i consider my first big End Game quest! That mission is harder than anything ive done so far. I gave up trying to do the Whisper of the Worm but im super glad i accomplished this. Thanks alot to the good people of this community. Now to try and find a clan to teach me the raids and Shattered Throne.

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