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впервые опубликовано в: Add Daybreak to the Reckoning as a Permanent Modifier
7/14/2019 6:29:57 AM
Reviving Reckoning with daybreak is weak. If you relied on your super before the nerfs, to get you across that bridge, bruh... It is still possible to get across Heres how TEAMWORK! tether, still tethers gold platforms. Well with phoenix still caps point. Surprisingly, you both get your supers back before the next point, (weird right?) The other 2 guardians can do what they like Nova bomb for anti stomp mechanics (turns out if actually do something about the big boy mcguffins, they DON'T stomp!) And blade barrage, whack-a-thrall, ticklefingers, arc-maul, striker, captain America, dawnblade, can all do add clear... Turns out getting orbs from your buddies also gives your super back... Stop asking for a crutch and adapt.. Im still after my spare rations with rapid hit multi killclip, Daybreak would not entice the playerbase back, allowing players to choose the loot they get would though. Tired of seeing the playerbase complain about how hard Reckoning now is without your crutches, shows how weak and lazy that player is...

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