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Destiny 2

Общее обсуждение Destiny 2.
Изменено (leonbanane14): 7/16/2019 6:41:22 AM

The Game is not enjoyable anymore... I'm sorry but it's true.

Striker ult, erentil and OEM are big Problems in this current state of the Game. These three are literaly unbeatable at the moment on console specially erentil. That's not a i am so bad thread. No i am stuck solo at 3000-4000 comp points solo. I played the last 200 matches solo in this Elo i don't drop under 3000 and don't go over 4000. i want to go higher but it's impossible solo now. The Gameplay is slow and Boring now People which try to play fast gettin killed on 50 Meters and more with OEM erentil combo now. Many stay in spawns Camping not moving with snipers and last Word and spray their 8 shots by hipfire on you. I am not sayin nerf and i never will say nerf it. You should remove the Nf/Luna nerf now and many others. And start solving the real problems and bloom and recoil correction otherwise we will never have a good gameplay. I talked with a lot of my friends i went to legend with some of them. We tried to play all of them gave up we are not enjoying anymore. I played 300 comp matches i matched 178 Times the same People.. That's no joke i wanted to not give up but i am done. You killed it and shadowkeep dlc will sink down the ocean like the Titanic without an Oscar if nothing changes now. If this nerf train goes on things like this and the current Problem with lord of wolves on PC always repeat and continue. Your nerfs are ridicoulusly stupid you guys don't nerf or solve Problems you create more. Since Start of forsaken we had a few Weeks of cool stuff and a good Gameplay (i mean it was anoying to get killed through Walls by nova warps but nova warp never deserved that treatment) than it went down the same Spiral downwards like always. You are pretty much liars we rather buff than nerfing things i see lets recognize the twabs since then we got grenade launcher sword, Sturm drang some grenade and Fokus buffs the Rest only nerfs i would say like 13 buffs to 70 nerfs. I excuse myself if something is hard to understand or Bad english i'm from Germany. Also the current survival Mode Problem is a joke if you know there is a Bug that don't let guardian spawn into the Game remove the Game Mode out of competetive! That's shows how much you guys really care! Also there are a bunch of connection Problems right know more ghost bullets than ever. I beg you guys you go down and a ghost can't res you guys if this goes on. I am not buying the New content as long it's like this. Thanks for your time.

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