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Destiny 2

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7/14/2019 12:04:48 AM

Destiny 2 broken on console DO NOT PLAY PVP

Where do I begin , Ino thousands of players have been experiencing the same problems in crucible since the latest update. The invisible players and guns are just stupid. The complete impossibility of being able to play any competitive because of getting locked out of all countdown and survival games is absolutely obsurd. This is without mentioning the error codes and you taking glory points off us because your game is unstable. We need answers bungie. How can you release an update that has not been properly tested and they must be passed by sony and Microsoft so how have all these bugs passed in one update. You are charging people for a game that is currently half unplayable and technically illegal. To top this all off we all now that bungie will not do anything quickly to rectify any of these problems and won't compensate any players that have experienced problems because of what seems like a rushed update. It feels me with deep worry that if the game is this bad now ,how are they ever going to be able to cope with the influx of players from new light and shadowkeep,starting to feel like as far as quality updates go it wasn't Activision that was the problem. Any players out there that have experienced similar problems feel free to share ,we have all got multiple screenshots and vids saved on our consoles from this travesty and bungie needs telling. We all love this game and franchise but sometimes that feels as if it is a one way relationship. Stay strong guardians.

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