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Изменено (Mister T Baggin): 7/16/2019 2:33:17 AM

Make a Heroic Patrol space.

As the title states, I would like to see a more challenging open world area. My basic ideas for this are as follows: Increased number and strength of enemies Roaming bosses, including strike bosses and Walkers. Vehicle/weapon tokens that drop from enemies and expire after you go to orbit. Use a fort to summon Enemy patrols. You will be attacked by a huge marching army accompanied by a Walker or some such thing, and you must hold the fort. The more in your fireteam, the more enemies will spawn. Only one spawn point, if you fall, you go back to the main landing zone, or be revived by a passerby or a team member.[spoiler]Go to a 'fort' which is more like devrims church. And hold of a wave of troops and a few big bads, and claim that spawn point. You can spawn there for the next hour or until you capture another fort. [/spoiler] The hardest enemies would be furthest from spawn and youd probably need a team to penetrate the wilderness that far. Edit: thx for the ideas and support! [spoiler][quote]Agreed. I also think the Tower should come under routine attack so we can literally play 'Tower Defence' in the Tower. It would be fun to defend the Tower against invaders, alongside fellow Guardians and NPC Tower Guard.[/quote] - Krantzstone[/spoiler][spoiler][quote] I wanted that Scifi helms deep moment![/quote] - Verdant Blade[/spoiler][spoiler] this is a good feeling [quote]First time I explored Chamber of Starlight in Rheasilvia under 510 power level, I saw [???] on a Taken Hobgoblin and dipped out of there so fast.[/quote] - phoenix-force411[/spoiler][spoiler][quote] A heroic patrol mode would hopefully be a place to bring back that feeling, being just strong enough to damage the enemies but not strong enough to steamroll them, in many cases being forced to retreat.[/quote] - Dirty Dan[/spoiler][spoiler][quote]I remember stumbling into the Celebrant of Oryx for the first time(...)Nothing has captured that feeling of exploration and excitement since.[/quote] - Valus Ta Aurc [/spoiler] Rewards: [spoiler][quote]My vote would be: allow items exclusive to the other activities to drop as legendaries in the heroic patrol zone(...)only once you’ve already unlocked them in their previous activity.[/quote] - DylanOConor [/spoiler][spoiler][quote]Make a prestige patrol mode. rewards only purples and fat glimmer[/quote] - CatMan[/spoiler] Public Events: [spoiler] [quote]why don’t we have convoy public events(...) some slow moving enemy column that has defenses and you are forced to move along with it picking off vehicles to get the cargo tank or whatever to stop.[/quote] - Corrick II[/spoiler][spoiler][quote]Make Rahndal Perfected (yes, SIVAfied) a roaming boss that infects Fallen he interacts with and adds them to his party. We need SIVA back[/quote] - ACULonSeer [/spoiler][spoiler] [quote]You know that public event in the Dreaming City where you need to protect the generator? You see those Scorn storming the beaches and you have to fight back the waves? I want more of THAT.[/quote] - EighVee5809[/spoiler] Immersive Example:[spoiler] You set your ship down in a back corner of the EDZ, a place not many have explored. You walk through a dark, damp tunnel. On the other side, a vast wilderness welcomes you with thick aromas of the pine grove that encompasses every rolling knoll, and cascading slope. Overhead a ketch struggles to gain speed, hive seem to have infested its engines, green plasma is streaking behind it like a parade streamer. A low and fast moving tombship confirms those assumptions, as it follows the now descending ketch. Devrims radio crackles in, a bit harder to hear this far out, "bad news buckaroo! That ketch I'm sure you just saw is coming down way too close to the farm, im going to need you to handle it" Ghost chirps up in his usual, terrified determination, "theres alot of hive headed that way too, but uh...we got this," You mount your sparrow, cutting through the flat hollows for a while, until you come upon a column of fallen, and their walker, which forces you to kareen through the forest. Zipping left and dodging right, you finally come to a clearing, where you can see the ketch, now with all ports open wide, pouring out wretches, vandal, dregs...the captains are down at the loading bay, trying to hold back an is total chaos. "Looks like the hive bit off more than they can chew huh?" the Ghost asks quietly. "Never the less, those fallen are going to be a with it," Devrim pipes up to cancel out any hope of letting this problem solve itself. You ride up to the chaos, and theres already a few guardians whod also seen the crash, now converging on the site. You fight alongside them to clear the exterior of the ship, several fallen material and glimmer caches are exposed and you go collect what you can. The ketch then goes on full alert, and you, along with the only other guardian who was brave enough to come, enter one of the ports. Inside the Ketch you have 10 minutes to explore and loot, before the ketch self detonates. If you dont make it out in time...all that looting is for naught. You escape just in time, and begin heading back to the safe zone, to debrief and store your loot. Public event completed.[/spoiler]

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