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7/13/2019 9:20:03 PM

I feel too restricted at home.

This will probably sound stupid to most of you, but it’s really been irritating me. My parents are really restrictive. I basically have the same privileges as my younger siblings. I don’t get to decide how long I stay up at night, or even when I get to. Some nights I’m just forced to go to bed at 8:00. I don’t get to decide when I play video games, or for how long. All the books that are my age my mom has to read first, and she never reads so most of the time I sit around bored, which is partly the reason I’m on Offtopic so much. My closest sibling is three years younger than me, so I’m kinda alone. Like today, I did yard work in the morning and then laundry all afternoon, then my mom tells us we can’t do video games. So I’m sitting here waiting for the dryer to finish with literally nothing to do. I don’t even get to choose how I spend my money. I want to buy Spider-Man, but my mom won’t let me. The last time I wanted to buy something it took literally two months of begging before I could get it... with [b]my[/b] Amazon gift card. I’m just getting frustrated and tired of this. [spoiler]Sorry for the no paragraphs rant, I need to get this out of my system.[/spoiler]
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