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впервые опубликовано в: Add Daybreak to the Reckoning as a Permanent Modifier
Изменено (Corrick II): 7/13/2019 9:18:58 PM
I think instead of being a tedious “challenge” the way it is now, daybreak would make Reckoning actually fun for once. I’ve played Reckoning a total of maybe six times, just to get a full suit of armor. I’ve never gone back because it’s tantamount to Bungie trolling their players with how annoying the game mode is. The mode was obviously designed by someone who thinks a “fun challenge” is willingly beating your head against a brick wall made of ever-spawning enemies and bullet-sponge bosses all for the sake of a 1% chance a weapon might drop. Adding a modifier like Daybreak would go a [i]long[/i] way to resurrecting this dead activity and giving players the opportunity to feel powerful. Leave the reward drop rates where they are, whatever, just give us the chance to have some [i]fun[/i] like we did in D1 Nightfalls toward the end. As for the tryhards... why does the inclusion of anything like this repel some players. Get over how awesome you [i]think[/i] you are at playing a [i]video game[/i] and go achieve something real instead of shtting all over someone’s idea.

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