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7/13/2019 7:46:53 PM

Servers extremely unstable

Since this morning every so often my connection bar in game will drop rendering the game borderline unplayable and then about 30 seconds later back to full bars and then 30 seconds later back down and so on and this hasn’t just been me I’ve looked and twitter and on downdetectors and people have been saying the same thing for the past day or two since the background maintenance they had before anyone comments yes I have tested my connection and it is what it’s normally at whenever I play destiny my internet isn’t crazy but I never normally lag this badly unless my whole house starts up Netflix even then I still don’t normally lag this hard long story short the game is kinda unplayable at some points and I hope this gets fixed soon post your thoughts or ways you’ve fixed this if you’ve experienced this or just if you’ve experienced this to heighten the likelihood of Bungie actually seeing this and fixing it
#Help #Networking

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