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7/13/2019 5:39:14 PM

Vanguard Pinnacle Weapons are lacking

Just saying, compared to Crucible and Gambit Pinnacle Weapons, Vanguard Pinnacles have been lacklustre. Loaded Question has just recently gotten good with the buffs to Fusions Rifles. Wendigo is great but there are better options such as the Swarm of the Raven from IB. And Oxygen... Yeah we don’t talk about that. Then you look over at the other Pinnacle Weapons. Recluse, don’t need to say anything about it. We all know how amazing it is. Mountain Top. Its a special weapon in the Primary Slot and does more damage than some Heavies. Breakneck can be on the fence to certain people but still one of, if not the best Auto Rifle in the game. If things continue on the trend that they’re on... The next Vanguard Pinnacle will be a Sword with a new Guard or a heavy attack that takes up 5 ammo.

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