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PHAS: Before The Storm Chapter 2: A Close Call

Watching Mr. Gold climb the building, Rune quickly dashes after him, nearly tripping over the dazed body of one of the lackeys.  Speeding to the building, she starts climbing the ladder two bars at a time. By the time she’s up there, Mr. Gold is already on the roof waiting for her. Mr. Gold stretches and laughs some more. “You have persistence kid, I’ll give you that,” he says with distaste, “But this... this is where it ends for you!” he continues with a chuckle and a sigh. Seeming to rise from nowhere, a figure jumps onto the building, landing directly in front of Gold. “Since you’re about to die, allow me to introduce you to my friend. We like to call her Anna,” Mr. Gold says with a smile and a maniacal laugh. This “Anna” person wore a full black and white bodysuit, with the top zipper slightly unzipped. She had what appeared to be a metal apparatus hooked up to her arms and legs, and on the back of her harness there were multiple tubes filled with different types of Dust. “Oh you pretty little girl. It’s gonna really be a tragedy when I scar that... beautiful face of yours,” Anna purrs in a low, almost seductive tone, and raises her palm out flat. Rune watches as a red glow can be seen flying through the metal tube connected to her right arm, and out of her palm a small sprout of flame hovers slightly above her hand. “Alright, that’s it. You’re creeping me out. It’s time to get some!” Rune yells, determined to end the criminal’s spree. Anna laughs and starts blasting flame in Rune’s direction in response. Rune, activating her semblance, raises her sword to block the attack, lightning coursing through the longsword. Anna switches her attack pattern to Gravity Dust and blows Rune’s Gladia out of her hands, sending Rune backwards. Anna, taking this opportunity, lifts her left hand, her irises turn bright red. A black stream of energy snaked through the air from Anna’s hand into the fallen Rune. As soon as the black river touches Rune’s body, Rune’s Aura started glowing around her, and a blue current begins arcing along the black energy from Rune’s Aura to Anna. As her Aura grew weaker, Rune climbs to her feet slowly, each breath labored. She looks up as Anna begins strutting towards her nonchalantly. This causes agonizing pain for Rune as she starts to lose color in her skin. “Wh- what... is... happening….” Anna, now on top of her, crouch’s down to Rune and places her right hand on her cheek. “Oh... you poor little girl. You have no idea what is happening to you, don’t you?” Anna asks, moving her hand to her forehead. “L- Let go of me….” Rune says weakly, her vision starting to get hazy. Anna, laughs softly and smiles.  “This won’t hurt a bit, I promise,” Anna says in a sadistic delight. The trademark red glow starts coursing through one of the pipes connected to her arm, about to incinerate Rune’s brain. “JOSEPH NOW!” A male voice calls out from the rooftop adjacent to the roof Anna and Rune are on. A black figure holding two tomahawks jumps from the building above them, about to bring the weapons down on Anna’s skull. Anna, acting quickly, dodges out of the way, but with her concentration broken, Rune is released from the Kiss Of Death. Rune then promptly passes out. The man holding the tomahawks raises the blade to Anna’s throat, ready to cut it if she makes even the slightest move. “It’s over Anna! We have you cornered. Give up now!” the man yells, clearly having been hunting the woman for some time. Mr. Gold, having watched the whole encounter, hears the word “we” and quickly ducks, narrowly avoiding a blade in the back of the head by a second man holding a whip with a blade attached to the end. “Too slow!” Mr. Gold taunts the man, laughing over and over. The man scoffs. “Oh come on Gold! If my friend over here hasn’t given away my totally awesome attack like a dumba-“  “Whoa whoa whoa! If we hadn’t arrived when we did this girl would be dead right now!” the man replies, annoyed, motioning to the incapacitated body of Rune lying on the ground, her sword beside her. “Yeah, whatever,” the man scoffs, seemingly unaware of the incoming strike from Mr. Gold. However, he senses Gold’s movement and manages to move out of the way slightly, preventing a fatal blow to the head from the mace. Taking it to the arm instead, the blow is absorbed by the man’s Aura, preventing the man from taking any physical damage. Mr. Gold, meeting his match, begins engaging the man, bringing down blow after blow, all being dodged by the man. Parrying one of the blows by wrapping his whip around the mace and pulling, forcing it from the Gold’s hand and leaving him without a weapon. Mr. Gold, disarmed, kicks the bladed whip out of the man’s grasp and starts punching the man, which the man returns, turning the battle into a fistfight between Gold and the man.  The tomahawk man and Anna just look at each other, and Anna flashes him a smile. Anna kicks him in the kneecaps, and puts her right hand on the man’s face. “Fool! You thought you could beat me! You shouldn’t have let your guard down!” Anna says, delighted and mocking the man. The man, accepting his mistake and realizing this was a normally fatal mistake, just laughs. “If I were you, I’d pay attention to your surroundings,” the man says with a smile, and watches as Rune comes from behind Anna and slices her apparatus with her longsword, completely disabling the right half. “What! There’s no way you could be up already!” Anna cries out, not believing what just happened. Rune, giving her a triumphant smile. However, she leans on her sword, still weak. The man, rising up, just laughs at Anna’s failure. Anna, out of options, quickly takes off the apparatus and pulls out a modified 1911, and shoots the setup, causing an elemental explosion from all the remaining Dust left inside the apparatus. Rune, still dazed, looks up and sees no sign of the woman, with the man lying to her side, still getting up. Looking behind her, she sees a cloud of smoke, and the whip man leaving the cloud, arm over his mouth and coughing. Still wheezing from the smoke, the whip man asks “Did they get away?” The tomahawk man nods his head, and the whip man curses. The tomahawk man, turning to Rune, starts to speak. “Are you alright? Were you hurt?” Rune, rolling her eyes, sarcastically replies “No”. The two men, helping her get to her feet, climb down the building together. They begin a conversation on the sidewalk.  “You guys are Huntsmen, right?” Rune asks the men. They both nod their heads. Ruby’s face turns from pained to delighted and squeals.  “OMG! That’s so cool! Do you guys work for Atlas?” Rune says energetically, barraging the two men with questions. The two men just raise their eyebrows and laugh. Answering the girl’s questions one by one, they tell her their names. “Well, my name is Joseph Ebony, and this is Jester White. We just call him Jester through. We work as Professors at Atlas,” the man with the tomahawk replies, and then motions to the guy with the whip.  “Now, What is an aspiring young girl like you doing, fighting criminals at midnight? You were almost killed, you know,” Ebony replies, concerned. “Well, I’m trying to enroll at Atlas Academy. I only have three months left at Prism, and then I’m going to be off slaying Grimm! It’s going to be awesome! Only problem are the teams though... I don’t do well with people...” Rune says, ecstatic, but with a bit of a worried undertone.  Ebony and Jester just look at each other, and smile. “Well, we got a bit of a treat for you then. Come,” they say, motioning for them to follow her. She obliges, and they get in Ebony’s car. Driving to Atlas Academy, they enter, make their way to the third floor, and enter a room that looks like an interrogation chamber. Rune, confused, looks back at the two men, but they’re already out the door, locking it behind them. “Well Rune. We’ve been expecting you for a while. Take a seat,” a deep male voice booms from the shadows. Out of them come two people, a man and a woman. The man has short black hair and looks to be a general. The woman looks like a professor, with a red flannel below a grey top, jeans, and some circle rim glasses. She has deep brown eyes and brown hair put into a bun.  Rune, taking a seat, looks at the man as he does the same. The woman leans up against the wall and watches the two.  “Listen Rune. All I want to have is a chat. It has to do with Atlas Academy,” The man says, with a warm smile. Rune, already having taken a chance with these guys, listens for the next hour about an... arrangement. She leaves the building feeling happy for the first time in a long while, and her dream fulfilled. [spoiler]Special thanks to Ems, Ronin, and Ruby for being edit gang![/spoiler]
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