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Destiny 2

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7/13/2019 3:26:46 PM

Let's have an option to change the way scopes and reticules work

If bungie truly wants us to have the ability to customize to our weapons to our hearts content, I feel a good way to start is to add an option to change the color, shape, and of course the zoom (variable) of scoped weapons, I say this because I really love the scopes with the triangle reticules (bite of the fox) and I wish it was on revoker which was the inspiration of this post, also the ability to change the color of them would benefit on certain locations where the reticule sometimes would blend in with the background making it difficult to tell where you're aiming at longer ranges, and of course we could also have the option for iron sights or even create our own scopes :). To compliment these options, we should give banshee a workshop style vendor area!

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