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Изменено (Dredgen_X): 7/13/2019 3:18:20 PM

Thorn Ornament problem.

So let me preface this, I founded a clan based on the shadows of Yor, been round for a while, but just made a new account so my brother and I can play at the same time. Unfortunately this was a week or so after they stopped selling the Thorn ornament. Thorn is literally the focal point of my clan and I dont even have the ornament on my new account I play. Feels bad. My question here is, can they just put the dang ornament for sale in eververse permanently so I can get it? I dont understand why it was only an exclusive limited time ornament, when Laconic was in prismatic matrix, a free eververse reward, and also sold permanently for silver. Just put it in the store already please, or find a say I can obtain it, it would really mean a lot. Also, never got the Malfeasance Taken ornament, and also feel bad its not on my new account. If this is literally impossible because Activision has rights to your ornament design or whatever I get that, but Im trying to make my killing machine over here, allow me to throw money at you, ok? Also Thorn and Malfeasance catatlyst when? Lol Thanks for reading and appreciate any official help concerning this. Would appreciate a response that gives me hope for the future.

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