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Изменено (AbsolutZeroGI): 7/14/2019 8:28:06 AM

I DEFINITELY would've done the bad juju cheese if I'd known about it.

The bad juju grind is God awful on its own but I get why Bungie did it the way they did it, for stupid streamers who don't use planetary mats and have a million of em. However, after spending a week grinding for stuff, I learned I could've actually have gotten it day 1 with no issues with a cheese. I am unabashedly, unashamedly saying that I would've taken that cheese all day. I did a nightfall with full leviathan gear (armor anyway), and got 5%. That means 20 nightfalls for one tribute. 3% per strike, and the same for the others. That is hundreds of events that I have to grind for a single damn gun. I can pay for it with glimmer, except you need 20 days of completing 4 dailies (without dying) before you can even hope to afford it unless you've played 5000 hours in the game and have thousands of mats laying around. If I had known I could get what is ultimately a fun but middle of the road exotic on day one with a little bit of patience, I would have, because the alternative (for non sweaties who don't play this game like a job) is weeks of grinding the same activities we've mostly had since day 1. Not only that, but these are events we've been grinding for years, especially if you've been here since D1. I've already done Leviathan raids (Leviathan and EOW) dozens of times with leviathan raid gear equipped. I've already done a metric ton of strikes and nightfalls. I've (unfortunately) been forced into this game's poisonous PvP hundreds of times for quests and daily/weekly engrams, suffering through while bad sports super you to death after the match is over and IT STILL SOMEHOW COUNTS TOWARD YOUR K/D. Full clans vs randoms, Luna Howl, all the horseshit this game had thrown at me and I've marched through hoping the good times will come eventually. You know what sucks? Trying to bank 20 motes without dying while playing with a fire team full of people who also need to bank 20 motes without dying. All while wearing or otherwise owning gear I've had since late 2017, early 2018. And now I'm being asked to do it again for an unreasonable amount of time for a single damn gun (without the catalyst, which requires nearly 3 times as many tributes) while some people get to skip it because they found an easier and better way to do it? Keep in mind we're doing all this for a gun many of us already freaking had in D1 and this grind is taking place 20 days during the summer. I'm 32 so that doesn't matter much to me, but I feel for the teenagers who get to waste their summer vacation on this nonsense. I would've done the cheese if I'd known about it without blinking. "Real gamer blah blah" nonsense be damned. I'm not doing anything I haven't done before and I've no shit done everything Bungie wants me to do to get this gun already. Soemtimes, I really hate this stupid game. *edit* You can tell in the comment section who plays this game for fun and who plays this game waaaaaay too often. Getting bad juju in 4 hours or a couple days tops? Ugh, the top 1%-ers are really annoying on this topic. We don't all have 100s of mats and max glimmer, nor have we all been grinding managerie like rabid hounds ya jerks! *Final edit* Omg the try hards have such a boner for words like "hard" and "fear". The quest not difficult and it's not fear of missing out. It's boring and irritating to earn tributes for crap you've already done before. How people keep getting irritation mixed up with difficulty is beyond me because those words don't even remotely mean the same thing. Literacy rates among some of you are surprisingly low. Also, if you have thousands of shards just sitting around, you are part of the 1%, you are not casual and you are not normal. Stop pretending like you are.

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