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Изменено (Geonu_119): 7/13/2019 3:59:48 AM

Jubilant engram compensation issue

My account has jubilant engram issues. I used silver to buy jubilant engrams and got jubilant engrams for level up. But I got duplicates for all my three characters ! can’t find any compensation engram bundles in seasonal shop tap. All of my three characters have same issues but I dont know why I cant get compensation. I read one comment on the forum which says “you did not meet the criteria to access the bundles.” ( does that mean “MEET THE CRITERIA”??? And what criteria? At this point, i’m getting really angry. Where is my engrams?? If you cant compensate for my engram, at least, I must get a refund my silver to buy jubilant engrams. I wonder if your bug fixing system is working.
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