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7/12/2019 7:56:19 AM

Chalice Upgrade Bug

Hey everyone. Last evening, as I was playing, I completed a menagerie run, got my Imperials, and figured I would upgrade the Chalice to complete the Rune Bonus Chalice Improvements. I clicked Rune Bonus 3, it showed up as having been clicked, I definitely lost 6000 of my imperials, but when I logged in this morning, I did not have this improvement selected, 3000 imperials were given back, with 3000 other disappearing. Is there someone who can review this? I was one improvement away from completing my chalice, and now I'm back down to two, cheated out of 3000 imperials, and 11000 imperials away from completing the chalice, instead of the 8000 I should be at. Thanks!

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