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Destiny 2

Общее обсуждение Destiny 2.
7/12/2019 4:09:29 AM

Fix hunters in PvP?

Buff hunters


Buff warlocks


Buff titans


Nerf hunters


Nerf titans


Nerf warlocks


Hunters have no one shot abilities like warlocks or titans and the golden gun,why can’t we have a super shield like titans and warlocks? And could you guys nerf blade barrage a bit? I don’t think we should get one shorted by a stray knife that didn’t even hit,AND CAN YOU PLEASE MAKE THE NIGHTSTALKER ARROW WORK LIKE IN D1? PLEASE ITS SO DAMN TERRIBLE FOR CRUCIBLE NOW NO ONE EVEN USES IT,I know it may sound a bit too demanding but I’m sure that if any of you have played hunter against the other two,the other two always win so long as the players have minimal skill,I use hunter for the aesthetic but gameplay wise it’s wack as hell in crucible,I think titans and warlock will be fine just the way they are but hunters are too weak,titans seem to be favored in my opinion and I believe warlocks are pretty cool but hunters NEED lots of tweaks,I spend hours playing crucible and I’ve noticed this imbalance,lots of you players will be salty about this and downvoting it because you enjoy titans and warlocks,but play as a hunter for 1 match and you’ll see,just please think about it,I’m not saying your mains should be nerfed,I’m saying hunters should be put on the level of warlocks and titans.

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