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7/11/2019 4:04:08 PM

Refund not available for Solar Ghost Shell

As the title states, the ghost shell for Season of Opulence named as, Solar Shell is not giving me the option to refund its purchase within less than 30 minutes of buying it. I bought the ghost shell yesterday night which was about 13 hours ago, with intent to keep it. After thinking about for a couple minutes or so, I decided to refund the solar shell without opening it out of its eververse package. While this was happening, I happened to switch characters and inspect the ghost shell on the D2 Companion App. While I went back to the original character on which the ghost shell was bought on, the eververse package itself lost its 6 Days 23 Hours it had for being available to refund. I’d like to report this issue and also hope for the fact in which I am able to refund this item within its actual refund period.
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