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7/11/2019 12:40:06 PM

Veritable salad bar of error codes: CABBAGE, LETTUCE, COCONUT and CURRANT, with a GROUNDHOG and CENTIPEDE

For the past 2 days, I've been constantly receiving multiple CABBAGE, LETTUCE, COCONUT and CURRANT error codes across multiple activities. I've also had a GROUNDHOG and a couple of CENTIPEDE now while trying to even log in to Destiny 2 At best, I can get about 5-10 minutes of gameplay before I get disconnected. I get disconnected when loading into the tower, I even get disconnected when loading solo into the Tribute Hall. Over this period, I have: - rebooted my network hardware and PS4 multiple times. - rebuilt my PS4 database - verified UPnP was enabled on my router and the automatically configured settings matched recommended port mapping settings from Bungie network troubleshooting guides. - cleared the UPnP configuration by disabling, rebooting and reenabling it on the router, checking that they're reinstated when Destiny 2 is launched - disabled UPnP altogether, assigned a static IP to my PS4 and manually configured port mapping as per the network troubleshooting guides - assigned my static PS4 IP to the DMZ - manually reset all changed settings on the router back to automatic configuration. - disabled all ALG settings for PPTP and L2TP pass-through - reeabled all ALG settings for PPTP and L2TP pass-through - performed multiple internet speed tests on my connection, with results returned around 47/18 Mbps down/up and < 9ms ping - switched from wired to wireless - tried multiple CAT6 rated cables I have been on the phone to my ISP twice and they insist that there is no issues they are aware of, and that they haven't had any other customers with my issue. I'm at wits end as to where to go from here. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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