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Jubliant Engram Armour Fix Issues

So there are a lot of posts of a similar nature with people missing just one piece of Eververse Revelry Armour. I am in the same boat (Just the Hunter class item, the cool piece), however I have a comparison point. My girlfriend also played during the Revelry; she received duplicates but did not get enough engrams to get every item from the event nor did she use Silver to purchase any Engrams. She received 3 Engrams for the first fix and has been gifted Armour on her two characters she barely played on during the event (She has the complete set on her main). I played a lot more and opened more than enough Engrams to get every item from the event if there had been no duplicates during the event, ending up with just one Armour piece missing. I know it is probably too late for all this now, but it seems something went wrong with the system that checked to see what would be distributed to who. As a huge collector of items in game it is slightly frustrating to see that one unobtainable item due to a bug from a past event. Anyway, thanks for reading all that. Just trying to offer another data point for this issue.
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