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Better Sensitivity Options For Console





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As of now console players have a BASIC 1 - 10 sensitivity setting. These are not good options in a FPS. The 1 - 10 settings are set by Bungie and there is currently no way to adjust your X and Y axis to your liking. 1 is too slow...5 is o.k. for ADS accuracy while 10 is almost perfect for movement but sacrifices ADS accuracy. If Bungie would add the option to adjust the X and Y axis values of movement and ADS seperately it would allow for faster turning and more precise shooting. There is currently no option to adjust Dead Zone. Dead zones" are areas at the center of the joystick that count as zero. They are used so that if your stick wobbles or something they'll still count as centered. It makes it easier to keep the joystick steady. Adding the option to adjust the values would make it so the controller would pick up on the slightest input of the analogs allowing for more precise shooting. Hopefully this explains the point im trying to make. Edit 1. Glad to see people actually upvoting to bring awareness to this issue. Im just trying to get Bungie's attention to make the game even smoother and feel better. If the community comes together on this issue we can make change. Thanks to everyone who has gave their imput and thoughts.

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