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Destiny 2

Общее обсуждение Destiny 2.
Изменено (sensai21): 7/9/2019 4:23:28 PM

Stop the nerf complaining please.

It’s really tiring hearing ppl complain about how hard something is or to get. This is not just a game like anything you have ever played. Yes you stop playing, but you always come back. It’s becoming a hobby, it’s becoming a must do, it’s becoming non stop. Ever watch Ready player One? It’s coming to reality. Drivers are sleeping in their car while it takes them to their desired location. Ppl get upset when they pay for digital contact. You already did. It takes hours to get things done in Destiny. You work fast food or accounting, it’s the same concept. Your doing it for hours of your time, why not get paid. Play or pay? Stop complaining. Rat king is where it’s at (personal opinion, might I say). It has defeated every boss in the game at its first go. But yet no one cares. It makes you invisible and heals you. WWOOOOOWWWW.... It also kills guardians very fast to and you could sneak up on the rest and super them, too easy guy (female or male - it’s a military thing). Just did menagerie with only 4 rat kings ( and 2 other players) and killed the final boss on the first go. Hold trigger and point. O MY Gosh! To me (a lot of ppl would agree), if you read the perks of armor, weapon, super, mostly yourself.. And combine them, it’s a walk in the park. Learn to use all those at once (it means practice makes perfect / train your fingers to respond faster) and you’ll see how easy it is to obtain that weapon. Every time I check a player out, they have mismatched armor to their weapon and super. I’m like WTF GUY!!! If you need advice or help, this community is here for you (most of the time). I bet if you go on these forms and say, “someone help me with this please?” You’ll have more then a hand full of ppl that will help, hell ask a youtuber (might require payment), Bungie themselves will probably help (might require even more payment then the youtuber in the trailer park or grandmas basement). If you put more in asking than complaining, life it self (which is about to be all digital.. because you forgot how to walk.. or have cankles and a disabled person would give their life just to take a step(maaannn has to catch myself there)) would be great. Stop the nerfs and play smarter not harder. D.o.S. Deep

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