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[PvP] Some advices for a Warlock, please?

Hi, Guardians. I'm back on Destiny 2 after several months of absence (basically, I've left the game at the beginning of the Season of the Forge) and, well, many things have changed! I've always been a Hunter main, but since I'm back I'm really enjoying playing the Warlock. I deleted my old one and I started the game again from 0 (Red War Campain) with a new Awoken Warlock. As Warlock, in PvE, I mostly use the Dawnblade - Attunement of Grace. I like to play as support and heal my friends. But... how should I play as Warlock in PvP? What's the best Subclass to use? The best Equip? There are some specific Perks I should use? Is it possible to play using the Attunement of Grace in PvP and get good results? So, main Warlocks, please, can you give me some advices? P.S: sorry if my English is not perfect =/

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