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Destiny 2

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7/9/2019 3:33:27 AM

So, I actually enjoy the exotic nerfs we got this season.

The nerfs to Orpheus Rigs, Protocal, etc have been really beneficial for the endgame content currently available. I've spent this entire week trying to complete the flawless triumph via LFG in heroic Menagerie against Mr. Ogre, and let me just say it is incredibly difficult. It requires perfect execution and perfect orb generation. And after hours and hours of trying, my LFG team and I succeeded. This feet would've been significantly easier without these nerfs, and I believe that would be an issue. This accomplishment, and the corresponding title, would be significantly devalued and this content wouldn't be nearly as difficult. We're finally getting to a place where D2 endgame content is truly challenging for a team. This couldn't have happened without the nerfs. If heroic Menagerie is an indication of where this game is headed next season and beyond, I'm so hyped. Can't wait for next season!

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