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7/9/2019 2:31:36 AM

Iron Saints 14 [PS4] - Brand new Clan looking for Mature Drama Free Members. (1 Mod Position open)

Sick of dealing with squeakers and try-hards? Tired of never getting any help with PVE and PVP? Well, so am I. This clan is brand new. This means a fresh start and an opportunity to build a community of players/friends who help each other in game and leave drama at the door. I'm looking for mature players to fill our ranks. Anyone who can be an adult and save their salt for the try-hards is welcome. (Let me be clear, I'm cool with you being a try-hard, so long as you use your skills to help the clan) I'm also looking for a mod who is on frequently to help manage things when I cant. If you are interested, please comment or apply on our clan page: [url][/url] Also, there is a brief survey for new members to help gauge if we will be a good fit. Please give it a fill: [url][/url] Discord: [url][/url] Eyes Up Guardian

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