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7/8/2019 8:15:23 PM

(PS4, EST) Need a solid, reliable clan to join? Consider joining Ace Engima! Why? We're a clan that consistently reaches level 6, we're very active, diverse, personable, funny, and overall good company in general. We're a jack-of-all trades sort of clan so what we do is as diverse as we are. Expect Raids, Crucible, Menagerie, Gambit, Nightfalls and so much more with us. We're looking for chill players who are teachable and patient. Regular use of the Destiny Companion app and high in-game skill are bonuses! Requirements:  *Ages 18+  *Have a mic *Pay attention to and be respectful of our clan description, rules, values, and guidelines.   Communication:   *Destiny Companion App (required). *Discord (potential secondary) *Use the clan chat regularly to make sure we know you're an active, enthusiastic member. Joining:  *Vote up/like/bump this post please.  *Comment here or message an admin with the reason you would like to join, times you’re usually online, age, etc. Introduce yourself. *No effort in joining? Non't plan on being accepted. *Once you are accepted into the clan, you must be initiated to be promoted to an official member.

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