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Gamemode Idea: Expansions(wip) Expand our Reach!

[b]Expansion[/b] [i]*-blam!- gun* “I have another Idea.”[/i] So we have the Last City. But we want more! So let’s take it. This add on will allow for a more open world, living breathing concept to exist in the community. Players can work for the vanguard or specific factions to grab land and hold dominion and increase humanities, Exoties, and Awokenties chances of survival. These “Expansions” will be large map locations that players can traverse with ease to access ghost town, small hovels, lore locations, as well as enemy encampments. Certain locations will of course be completely fixed and unmoving, but roaming droves of enemies would also be fun. I’m talking some Gurren Lagann moving fortress BS. I NEED that OG Destiny Cabal massive fortress land roving citadel on the ground! RIGHT NOW! I want it! It’s mine! I’m claiming it! If you have no idea what I'm talking about go to Destiny 1 explore Mars. But a massive roaming cabal fortress on a big open map sounds super fun! This will allow for more content, more exploration, more story, more ‘living world’ vibes that many in the community crave, but mainly it will make me happy. [i]*cough* Haunted.[/i] Back on track, Large map. Multiple locations of interest that players will travel to, via sparrow, or foot, or whatever you want really. Once the player is at these locations a few things can happen; support, defend, attack, claim, explore, and emote. Emote - You can dance if you want to. Defend - If an allied faction has control of a location there is still something to do don’t worry. While automated protection does exist you will have to guarantee the location survives till that point with good ole fashioned horde prevention services, perfected by guardians over the ages, like the famous Hunter Titan duo Orkhin and Riad. *-blam!- gun* Defending a location means that it is under allied control. I say allied and not City control, because I know many players who would defend an outpost that belongs to the Spider against other guardians. Attack - If an enemy factions has claimed a location you can fight to claim it for yourself or your faction. You can start a slow process of sneaking around and removing key points within the location, communication relays to prevent SOS calls, resource storage, weapon locations. Or blow the lid open and go straight for the throat, though if you trigger an alarm then you will have to deal with the consequences. [i]“Looks like that place is flying the wrong colors, take em out.” - Random voice on the comms[/i] Support - Supporting a location is a “quick” answer to gain reputation. Depositing materials or other resources can help speed up the process by which players can increase the overall level of a location. Yes, I just said levels. Those of you who have played ESO, Halo, or GW2, and Gears can think of this as World versus World or Firefight/horde. The locations you claim or attack will have varying degrees of power. A low level location will not be able to withstand a large attack force, conversely a single guardian might find it impossible to take on a higher level fortified location. Now before we complain about solo players and such, just know I have ideas for this! But really, we are like a pack of wolves, it’s better with a friend. ;D Leveling up a location can be done by many different things; quests, giving materials, defending it from attackers, making sure that a [url=]Supply Caravan[/url] gets to the location, like doylak in GW2, and holding it for a long enough period of time. Some locations will cap out at a certain level based on their size but that’s okay! It will add variation and you won’t have to spend an entire afternoon taking a fully maxed fort, you can do a small outpost instead. [b]Faction Rep[/b] Gods I miss factions. Representing your faction during these times will allow players rack up credit and gain overall increased rewards. Because why not. To make the world feel more alive and give us a sense that we are actually impacting the breathing universe that is Destiny let us bring the factions to the forefront, these groups vying for power and pull within the City. Why wouldn’t they fund and support expansion to a certain level? New Monarchy would easily jump on that chance to maintain order and set up a strong foundation loyal to them. Dead Orbit wouldn’t miss the chance to scout and scavenge for more information and materials so they can build their fleet up again and get the hell out! Future War Cult needs to prepare for the war, and this is just another battle to hone their skills. So by wearing faction armor, and pledging one's allegiance doing activities through out the game will increase you faction reputation and grant you rewards. One of these benefits can pop up in “Expansion” that way we can feel the factions support. If need be the faction rewards come in stages based on player “Faction Rep. Level” so the higher your level the better the gift, or the more pull you have so the more resources you can claim. Dead Orbit will have an easier time finding locations. Can summon a scouting frame/stealth frame. New Monarchy will have a better chance to defend. Can summon a defensive frame. Future War Cult will have a better attacking opportunity. Can summon an attack frame. Remember frames are a resource in the game that can be plugged in as soldiers for the effort, Shaxx has his Redjacks, I find it hard to believe that the factions don’ts have custom frames on the payroll. So call for aid, and get a supply drop of friendly fighters to assist you, of course there will need to be a limit to such a resource. All factions can get all the same frames, but I think some specialized frames or perks would be a cool gesture, or perhaps rotating perks, or you can vote on which one you want to receive/use. Factions can help in the claiming of a location as well, and this idea can evolve into an entirely faction based system. I don’t mind fighting the other two factions for land and glory. Though it makes more sense for it to be in a Crucible type setting, since murdering other guardians is a bad thing to do. But remember the GW2 and ESO reference? It would be like WvW or the Campaign mode. I can see it now, opening my map and seeing the faction colors painting my canvas working to grab the most land. (I can also see internal factions fights, I’m looking at you fallen houses!) Or a friendly version like Pokemon Go, where you all work together to take a raid boss down, but your faction’s numbers that showed up can boost the rewards. But something to bolster our visual rep of factions, at least colored banners in the claimed locations. Side note, everything I said about factions CAN APPLY TO CLANS AS WELL. [i]*wink wink* hint hint *-blam!- guns*[/i]

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