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Изменено (FourFaced): 7/7/2019 8:37:24 PM

An exotic Sidearm I want to return

I know this is unlikely going to get any traction, or any attention due to your unsolicited ideas policy, but given hand cannon fatigue and under-representation of other weapon types for exotics (especially sidearms) is taking its toll, I want to bring back a classic that I feel like was a missed opportunity for Forsaken. I want to see Dreg’s Promise in Destiny 2, however, it have different mechanics to actually make it viable. Intrinsic: Shock Pistol: fires slow-moving projectiles that track targets. Hold reload to change between single shot and three-round burst. Trait: Ten-Thousand Arms: melee hits have a chance to return ammo to your magazine and inventory. Damage is also boosted for a brief amount of time. Hopefully, I get to see it in game, and kill a few thrall with the pistol mentioned above.

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