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Изменено (DrakeBG757): 7/6/2019 8:51:57 PM

Lumina > Thorn

I get it, the whole story implications of light being greater than dark etc etc. But after seeing how nice Lumina is I'm all the more annoyed with the Thorn 'nerf' in D2. [b][u]Remove Thorns timer on the Devourer- picking up a remnant should grant 1 Devourer bullet which can/should stack with each remnant you aquire (meaning adding more Dveourer rounds not stacking damage).[/u][/b] That's it- Thorn will be the viable PvP weapon it deserves to be while maintaining some of the risk-reward factor. The point/appeal with Thorn is that the poison should let you 2-shot ppl. Which may sound OP but let's all face the facts that all anyone ever wants out of a HC in PvP is either the ability to 2-shot or to have a fast enough TTK to basically equate to a 2-shot weapon. That's why Ace was good, that's why Luna's and NF were good (before basically being turned into entierly different guns with the nerfs). So realistically you only need that 1 deadly bullet, if you miss that shot or die before it kills your opponent that's you fault. The way Thorn works rn with the timer forces you to play hyper aggresive and put yourself in harmful situations. This risk-reward would be fine if the gun still had something like final-round in it's favor- but as of now it's TTK w/o Devour makes it practially unviable. If you'd rather make it a PvE viable weapon I say up the Devourer damage and let it stack with every enhanced Devourer shot. BUT I feel like Malfeasance is/ought to be the Gambit/PvE weapon where even in-lore Thorn is clearly a Guardian-killing PvP weapon- so let it be. I like Lumina, I'm super happy we have a healing/support Exotic that seems to have LOADS of promise for PvP and beyond. But seeing the literal counterpart to Thorn being VASTLY more viable (imo) is really unfair and stupid. Just replace the timer on Thorn with a single un-timed Devourer shot. [u][b]Please Bungie, just try it out.[/b][/u]

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